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Practice & Experience

Dogwood Financial Planning has been serving the greater Memphis area, as well as Mississippi and Arkansas, for over ten years.


Celia Brugge, principal of Dogwood Financial Planning, is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional.  Celia earned a B.S. with high honors and an M.B.A. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  


Prior to founding Dogwood Financial Planning, Celia worked as a management analyst and nutrition professional.  She completed the financial planning certification program at Christian Brothers University in 2007 and passed the two-day CFP® exam in March 2008.

Celia's own life experiences inspired her to pursue a career of helping others gain financial independence. Her parents worked very hard to put their children through college and to prepare for retirement.  However, her father's unexpected passing left her mother in poor financial shape.  This could have been prevented with timely financial planning.


Celia was determined to learn from this experience and not let it happen to others.  She knows what it's like to raise children, to care for elderly parents, face unemployment and layoffs, and sell a home in a difficult market.

"There is nothing more rewarding than helping people secure their financial futures," says Celia. "When you help set someone on the right course financially, that’s likely to flow over into the rest of their lives. It can reshape the whole family tree."

To enhance her financial planning practice, Celia is a member of the Garrett Planning Network, an international affiliation of over 300 independent financial advisers and planners dedicated to offering independent, as-needed financial planning and advice to people from all walks of life.  


She also holds the highest level of membership in NAPFA, the largest professional association of Fee-Only comprehensive financial planners in the United States.  Celia has been quoted in the national media, including the New York Times, Money Magazine, Reuters, MSN Money, and Motley Fool, on financial topics ranging from investing for retirees to financial planning for newlyweds.

Dogwood Financial Planning in Memphis, Tennessee offers financial planning services to everyone without regard to income or account minimums.  Services are offered on a flat-rate or hourly basis.  The firm is a registered investment adviser in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

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