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Frequently Asked Questions: Is Dogwood Financial Planning Right for Me?

Who is a typical client of Dogwood Financial Planning?


While there is no age, income, or employment requirement, we specialize in retirement planning. We work with clients of diverse backgrounds and focus on personalized plans to suit each one's needs.

Many clients need advice on several complex matters at once, which we address by creating a customized financial 'road map'. This would normally include income and tax planning for retirement, Social Security planning, broad and specific advice on investing, retirement projections, and various other areas.


This custom road map allows us to answer questions like “How much longer will I need to work?”, “How will I get the money I need to live on?”, and “Can I afford to live comfortably as I get older?”


Its purpose is to give clients both clear directions for the future and present peace of mind.

Once you complete my customized financial road map, am I on my own?


Once we present your customized written road map, we are always available to answer questions about it.  We recommend that you return every 12 months for portfolio re-balancing and to address any new situations.  This annual financial checkup typically takes less time than the initial financial plan, though this varies with your situation.  


You pay only for the advice you need.  We strive to be responsive and available to help you anytime, and we very much want to have a long-term relationship with our clients.

I’ve been doing my own investing for a while. I don’t want to have someone holding onto and managing my money for me, but I could use some professional assistance or recommendations. Can you help me?


We work side by side with many do-it-yourself investors who need some help as their financial situation gets more complicated. We offer both broad and specific investment advice for many types of investments on an hourly basis. Depending on how much you have to invest, you will likely find that paying for hourly, as-needed investment advice is less expensive than paying for ongoing investment management.

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