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A married couple in their thirties with four young children: They had a good income, but needed help to invest wisely for long-term goals like retirement while saving for several shorter-term goals they wanted to accomplish.

What we did together:

  • Developed a long-term plan for the couple’s retirement and their children’s education.

  • Set up a spending plan that ensured everyday expenses were covered, but provided for plenty of flexibility as the family’s needs changed.

  • Developed priorities for several shorter-term goals and provided advice on how to save for each.

  • Determined how much life insurance each would need.

  • Analyzed whether long-term disability insurance was appropriate for them.

  • Provided specific investment recommendations for each of their existing investment accounts, using low-cost, tax-efficient investment options.

  • They know that they are making real progress in getting where they want to be and that their family is protected should something happen.

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